LaserStim: Better Technology for Superior Patient Outcomes

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Laser protocol manuals have always tried to pinpoint laser emitter locations, to the best of their ability, on a flat diagram. However, the human body is not flat and comes in many shapes and sizes and exact locations for the application of therapeutic lasers is at best, difficult.

The ability to deliver treatments, such as super pulsed laser, to tissue in a very precise location can greatly enhance the effectiveness of this therapy. The LaserStim with TARGET™ technology enables you to do exactly that; by detecting the precise location of affected tissue, using biofeedback within E-stim. Measuring changes in skin impedance and informing the clinician that the tissue immediately under the device is compromised, has drastically changed the way laser treatments are administered. Clinicians can treat with confidence, knowing super pulsed laser therapy has been customized to the individual and they are maximizing its photoceutical effect for more consistent clinical outcomes.

Join Christopher Carraway, DC and Douglas Johnson, ATC for our April Webinar. They will review the only FDA Cleared device providing super pulsed laser and E-stim in a single emitter. Learn how LaserStim technology can be used for superior patient outcomes.

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