Veterinary Surgery and Super Pulsed Laser

1-2 pm EST
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Super pulsed laser therapy (SPLT) has been shown to modulate the inflammatory process without adverse effects by reducing pain and swelling and promoting the repair of damaged tissue. The effect of SPLT on acute pain from soft-tissue injury may be related to the consequent reduction in edema, hemorrhage, neutrophil infiltration, inflammatory cytokines and enzymes. The swelling-reduction effect of SPLT may be related to its ability to accelerate the regeneration of lymph vessels and decrease vascular permeability.

Join Dr. Iker Asteinza for the February Webinar as he explores the use of SPLT and how it may help to improve veterinary surgical outcomes by accelerating surgical incision healing, reducing pain and the need for medications post-surgery, and assists in the reduction of post-surgical infections.

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