Veterinary-Shedding New Light on Bovine Medicine

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Dealing with dairy cattle is a big job in more ways than one. A mature cow weighs approximately 1500 pounds. Injuries happen often. As a dairy herd veterinarian Herd Health includes: Pregnancy checking, uterine health checks, taking care of sick cows or calves, revamping protocols involving milk quality, dry cows, transition cows, milking cows, calf feeding, vaccination programs, parasite control, lameness, etc. Using low level laser in the practice may involve treating various conditions, including injuries, mastitis, sperm motility, udder edema, vaginal tearing/swelling from calving, and sick calves. There is always the excitement of experimenting with new cases. Join Lisa Cawte-Baker, Canadian Certified Equine Laser Therapist, and Dr. Steph Rhebergen, Veterinarian and partner in the Abbotsford Veterinary Clinic in Vancouver, Canada, as they discuss some of the issues that occur with such large animals and how laser has a definite positive impact on her business and her clients.
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