Tackling Tendinitis with Laser Therapy

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Whether your patients are athletes, weekend warriors, or office workers, tendinitis and other acute and chronic tendinopathies are both common and debilitating. Typically caused by general wear and tear, overtraining, poor technique, or simple repetitive motion, pain from tendinitis can hinder performance and negatively impact daily life. In addition to common treatments such as NSAIDs and braces, laser therapy can offer a non-invasive, drug-free way to effectively manage pain and improve function. 

In this free webinar, Christopher Carraway, DC, DIBCN, CLS, NRCME will shed light on innovative ways to use laser therapy to manage pain from tendinitis and other tendinopathies. He will discuss the science behind laser therapy, and highlight the protocols used in real-world cases to successfully treat these conditions. 

Key Talking Points

  • Treating acute and chronic tendinopathies with laser therapy
  • How laser therapy integrates with existing tendinitis treatment protocols, including systemic treatments
  • Real-world success stories and clinical evidence supporting laser therapy treatments for tendinopathies
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