Low Level Laser and Treatment of the Hip

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The number of hip replacements in the US has been on a steady rise for over a decade.  Procedures are rapidly evolving as this trend continues.  New U.S. Government stats also show that more and more young people are undergoing hip replacement surgery; and while life expectancy age has risen, joint deterioration is a fact of life for many.   We have an opportunity to change this trend for surgery with conservative care and patient education, and to address a wide range of hip complaints with laser therapy. 

Laser offers a new way to combat hip dysfunction and degeneration.  The procedures are non-invasive, easy to apply and offer no side effects.   In some cases, we can prepare a patient for an easier recovery from surgery, possibly delay the need for surgery, and in other cases help patients to avoid hip surgery altogether.

Join Dr. Chris Carraway for our November webinar, as he offers clinical guidelines and discusses Low Level Laser and Treatment of the Hip.

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