A Roadmap to Treating Chronic Shoulder Pain with Laser Therapy

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Most shoulder cases seen in-clinic fall into the "chronic" category. Chronic shoulder problems often set off trigger points and myofascial pain syndromes, creating a cascade of secondary problems overlaying the original problem. This serves to complicate the differential diagnostic efforts and treatments, which lengthens the treatment and recovery process, and leads to greater cost and decreased satisfaction.


In this free webinar, Dr. Christopher Carraway will explain how adding laser therapy can simplify the management of shoulder cases and lead to superior outcomes. He will discuss some of the finer points for acute, chronic, rehab, and managing patients who require surgical interventions. Attendees will discover an effective multimodal approach to treating shoulder injuries that includes laser therapy treatment techniques and principles, with a focus on resolving chronic shoulder pain.


Key Talking Points

-Types of shoulder pain and how they differ.

-Managing tough chronic cases and the secondary issues they cause

-How adding laser therapy can lead to better outcomes for shoulder pain patients.

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