Clinical Decision Making in Laser Therapy

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This webinar is a detailed course on clinical decision making in the application of laser therapy. The concept of just throwing photons at tissue and hoping for the best isn’t the best strategy. There are many factors we need to consider:

               • What phase of healing is the injury in?

               • Is it acute or chronic?

               • What length of time has the condition been present?

               • Any complicating factors such as atrophy, joint stiffness, myofascial pain and trigger points?

Every single one of these questions will have an impact on your case management.  The order in which we address a patient's pain, swelling, and inflammation can critically determine outcomes. This webinar with break down each of the 11 Priority Principles in an easy-to-understand package.

We will also be discussing the popular new website, Laser Therapy U's ProtocolBuild.com. This little jewel is a step-by-step instructional clinical tool to maximize laser therapy applications using the Priority Principle.  It's like having the entire Medical Advisory Board in your pocket for instant access. This webinar will be one you'll want to watch several times a year. Join Chris Carraway, DC as he dissects Priority Principle protocols.

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