The Power of Light: Revolutionizing Pain Management with High-Power Laser Therapy

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Laser therapy has been used for decades to relieve pain safely and effectively. Innovations in laser technology have revealed new pathways for effective pain management using high-powered and super pulsed lasers.

Join us for this complimentary webinar diving into the cutting-edge advancements in laser therapy for pain relief. Hosted by Dr. Christopher Carraway, DC, and Douglas Johnson, Chief Science Officer at Multi Radiance Medical, this session will reveal how high-powered laser therapy revolutionizes traditional photobiomodulation techniques, shedding light on its distinct therapeutic mechanisms. Attendees will gain practical insights into integrating high-power laser therapy into chronic pain management strategies.

Key Talking Points Include:

- Photoceuticals and their place in effective laser therapy treatments

- Exploring new wavelengths and how they interact with the body

- Exploring the thermomechanical mechanism of action

- Overview of chronic pain challenges and the role of high-powered laser
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