Laser Therapy Beyond Patient Crisis Mode

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Is it possible for laser therapy to increase successful outcomes beyond specific treatments for tennis elbow, lower back pain, migraine headaches, etc? The answer is Yes. We can pull from the data base of published research and craft protocols that are not crisis or rehabilitation oriented.

For example, we know that laser use in the form of photohemotherapy (PHT), improves the oxygen carrying capabilities of the blood. Might this be used for general health and wellbeing? Would a little boost of 02 be a good thing? We know that PBM is used to promote muscle repair and improve strength and endurance with athletes. Could PBM be used to address age related muscle loss? How about osteoporosis or Degenerative arthritis? You’ll be encouraged by what the literature has to say on all these topics. 

With a little forward thinking, the possibilities of what can be achieved begin to become much clearer. Join Dr. Chris Carraway in June for a review of laser therapy uses, beyond the crisis.

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