New Developments in Treating Neuropathy with Laser Therapy

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More than 20 million people in the USA have been estimated to have some form of peripheral neuropathy, but this figure may be significantly higher. Neuropathy pain can range from a mild annoyance to near disabling pain. Diagnosing the cause of neuropathic pain can be difficult and some patients are compromised in several ways. This further complicates managing these types of patients.

There are few effective pharmaceutical treatments, and most all only manage symptoms and normally have significant unpleasant side effects. With breakthroughs in photoceutical care, there are opportunities to help patients who suffer with neuropathic pain syndrome and do that without any side effects.

Laser Therapy U's 2023 kickoff webinar will look at the available science and therapeutic laser treatments, as well as utilizing them in your practice. Join Dr. Christopher Carraway as we delve into this fascinating field.

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