Clinical Decision Making in Laser Therapy

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To achieve the best outcomes when treating an injury, it’s important to understand the full history and extent of injury. When prescribing laser therapy treatments, injury characteristics such as current recovery stage, acuteness, and any complicating factors (such as atrophy or joint stiffness) must all be taken into consideration for maximum treatment benefit.

Register now for this free webinar with Christopher Carraway, DC, DIBCN, CLS, NRCME to revisit the building blocks of clinical decision making in laser therapy applications. Dr. Carraway will explain how the order in which you address a patient’s symptoms can greatly impact outcomes, and break down how using the Priority Principle can help achieve superior outcomes. Additionally, Dr. Carraway will review ProtocolBuild.com, a step-by-step instructional website that guides you through Priority Principle to easily create customized treatment plans for your patients.

Key Talking Points
Define the 11 foundational steps of the Priority Principle methodology for laser therapy treatments
Review the science behind Priority Principle and explore real-world case examples

Walk through ProtocolBuild.com step-by-step instructional website to help create custom protocols for your patients

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