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Want to dive deeper into laser therapy research?  Or simply want to show off your LTU pride?  Then the Laser Therapy U bookstore is for you. Shop our full line of products below, and keep checking back periodically – new products are being added all the time! 

Textbooks and Manuals

Our educational advisors handpicked the premier manuals, textbooks and guides that will broaden your knowledge on everything about laser therapy.

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Office Supplies

Sensors indicate human life forms 30 meters below the planet's surface. Stellar flares are increasing in magnitude and frequency. Set course for Rhomboid Dronegar 006, warp seven. There's no evidence of an advanced communication network. Total guidance system failure, with less than 24 hours' reserve power. Shield effectiveness has been reduced 12 percent. We have covered the area in a spherical pattern which a ship without warp drive could cross in the given time.

Shields up. I recommend we transfer power to phasers and arm the photon torpedoes. Something strange on the detector circuit. The weapons must have disrupted our communicators. You saw something as tasty as meat, but inorganically materialized out of patterns used by our transporters. Captain, the most elementary and valuable statement in science, the beginning of wisdom, is 'I do not know.' All transporters off.

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Totes and Bags

Perfect for carrying around LTU protocol manuals.

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